Thirty Five Kilometers off Deoria in eastern UP lies Mayeel a quiet little hamlet situated by the tranquil waters of river Saryu. With its rich reservoirs of spiritual legacy, the place more than makes up for what it lacks in material assets. It is indeed blessed, for Param Pujya Bramharishi Shri Devraha Baba resided here for almost seventy-seventy five years, before moving away to Mathura.

         This Ashram and Baba’s Machan lay forlorn and forgotten ever since, till March 6, 2006 (The Ram Navami day), when a group of twelve vivacious young boys stepped in to spiritually reenergize the place. They are the first batch of students in the “Bramharishi Shri Devraha Baba Ved and Yoga Pathsahala” – a "Gurukul" founded by Baba’s disciples and ‘His’ grace.

         The Pathshala aims at raising a generation of bright and young boys who are well versed in vedic curriculum and also excel in Yogic kriyas. All expenditure for their boarding, loadging, tutions, books, stationery and clothes etc is being borne by the Gurukul. Initiating the youngsters into the intricacies of "Yogasanas" is Swami Shyam Sundar Das Ji, an acknowledged exponent of this ancient Vidha, who is also a dedicated devotee of Bramharishi Shri Devraha Baba. Shri Devraha Baba, in fact had explicitly indicated that Swami Shyam Sundar Das Ji would run an exemplary Yog Pathshala in times to come. The prophecy, eventually, appears to be taking a shape. “I would be happiest “, Baba had once said “if each cell of my body was used up for India.” Well being of India held the key to the welfare of the entire world, he further explained and emphasized that only the young minds shaped and moulded with great care could accomplish this onerous task of nation building.

         The Vedic – Pathshala, therefore, is not only a tribute to the memory of the ‘Great  Master’ but also  a definitive step  towards the fulfillment of his 'dreams’.

                                                          May his grace and vision be our guiding light.